Dr. Elorza at Hereford County,

toro rubio

Royal Puelche Benjamín 2, “Rubio”

toro campeon

Awarded Grand Champion, from 
La Elisa, Durazno 2006

La Elisa is located at the coast of our country, more precisley on the coasts of Arroyo Negro, near the cities of Young and Paysandú, and it is accessed by route 3, at Km. 335

The establishment was acquired in 1924 by Dr. José María Elorza and named in honor of Mrs. Elisa Barrán, his wife and our grandmother. Currently, along with the agricultural-livestock work, the farm continues in the work of breeding and selection of HEREFORD, a task that began Don José Elorza, then was continued by Dr. José María Elorza (2nd generation), then followed by Doña Teresa Elorza Barrán (3rd generation), and nowadays, as the formers did, by Dr. Walter Romay Elorza (4th generation).

We have worked for more than 120 years in the selection task. We are honored and proud of the cattles we manage. That's why the Elorza family  have obtained dozens of Grand Champions, both in Uruguay and in the region, they have participated with outstanding success in all kinds of events (exhibitions and tests), and, perhaps most importantly, have contributed to form the HEREFORD rodeo of Uruguay, a rodeo that we can proudly say is one of the best in the world, and with the aptitude, that its genetics,  will be used as an improver in any place.

The bulls of our farms have been famous and recognized; Just remember the Royal Puelche Benjamin 2, the RUBY, to bring to our memory an emblem of the HEREFORD. Currently, and for the youngest, we can proudly name bulls that have been emblematic in recent times, such as YIYO, NET and OMEGA, to name a few that, despite being contemporary bulls, have the condition of classics.

After these brief quotations to some icons and achievements, we believe it is important to address the concepts that are handled in our selection program, which tends, with strictly technical-business criteria, to achieve the genetics that will add more value to the Uruguayan beef . Currently, thanks to the available technology, the genetic progress is much easier for us, since we have tools such as EPDs. And as well as for the volume of records and the seriousness with which the Hereford Breeders Society of Uruguay and the breeders of the cattle in Uruguay handle this information, it allow us to achieve OBJECTIVE progress really dizzying.

Added to our effort and enthusiasm, as well as from our collaborators, we have achieved resounding successes in ALL types of tracks and events (muzzle, field and tests, that is, PRADO, DURAZNO, exhibitions of rural interiors and KIYU) .

In addition to this kind of recognition, that makes us very proud, we handle a functional livestock that produces Great Champions, Cups of Honor and winners of Kiyú, as well as cows and bulls, throughout the country and the region (Argentina , Paraguay and Brazil). Our bulls are recognized in both varieties (HEREFORD AND POLLED HEREFORD) by their type and by their EPD numbers. Good bulls that produce good cattle, fertile, rustic and EASY FATTENING, with an adequate size for what an export-oriented country like ours needs.

We work hard on the evaluated characteristics in an objective way, looking for the balance between them: low birth weight but with high growth, maternal ability, ease of birth, fat coverage and, very especially, we look for an important eye area of ​​beef (AOB ). To this we add in our selection, fertility, ease of birth, eye pigment and ease of fattening, in a correct bone structure, which provides firmness to the kilos and that achieves a good movement of the animals, which basically must feed on grass and reproduce in the open field.

Our genetics reproduces, is born (pare) and fattens easily, reaching important final weights that allow to achieve the valuable cuts that the markets reward with preference and price.

Finally, we want to send all the producer friends, breeders, greenhouses and cabañeros a big hug and show them, as always, that our porters are permanently open to receive them.